Best laptops under 400 Dollars: Definitive Buying Guide(2018 Updated)

Best laptops under 400 Dollars: Definitive Buying Guide(2018 Updated)

High Performance HP AMD A6-7310

The high performance HP AMD A6-7310 is one of the best budget laptops you can get under the price range of 400 dollars. Being a budget laptop does not make it a low performance computer. This 15.6 inches laptop from HP has great features and modern specifications build specially for regular usage and light work that makes this laptop a purchase fully worth your money


  1. This laptop from HP comes with a HD display of resolution 1366 x 768.
  2. The display has a special WLED backlit to give it a better look.
  3. It comes with 4 GB of RAM that can be expanded up to 16GB which helps in boosting the speed of this laptop.


  1. The HP AMD A6-7310 laptop comes with preloaded bloat ware that can slow it down.
  2. Some heat issues cause it to restart after heavy hardware usage.

Bottom line

The high performance HP AMD A6-7310 runs on quad core AMD A6-7310 APU which comes with integrated graphics and provides great performance as performance is the most important factor while purchasing a laptop or computer. It also has excellent display quality with bright view WLED backlit and a HD resolution of 1366 x 768.

The Display

The high performance HP AMD A6-7310 comes in a 15.6 inches diagonal screen which is fitted with a high quality TN panel to provide high color accuracy. The HD display in this laptop from HP comes with resolution of 1366 x 768 that provides crystal clear and accurate image quality. The display works on WLED technology that is used in most high quality digital monitors available in the market. This display provides HD LED backlit display that provides a very clear and anti-glare display to this laptop. The screen of this laptop is glossy and provides a very sharp display. The bright view SVA screen provides vivid colors and deeper blacks than a normal anti-glare display.

The Processor

The AMD A6-7310 is a quad core mobile processor used in entry level notebooks and laptops. This processor comes with 4 cores that are clocked up to 2.4 Hz by boost clock. This 28 nanometer microchip comes with integrated Radeon R4 series graphics that enable the AMD A6-7310 to be used for light gaming on your notebook as the less demanding titles of previous years run flawlessly on these modern graphics. This processor is set to 25 watts to provide an improvement in performance over the A6-6310.The power consumption of the A6 SoC is rated at 12 watts to 25 watts that makes it suitable for less power consuming notebooks. The AMD A6-7310 is one of the best budget APUs in this range and provides excellent performance.


The high performance HP AMD A6-7310 laptop from HP provides great connectivity to all your devices and accessories. The USB 3.0 port provides great data transfer rate and maximises the capability to be connected to high performance devices. The extra 2 YSB 2.0 ports are included in this laptop to help you connect you accessories like your keyboard USB mouse or gamepad. This notebook expands your viewing options by providing you additional HDMI output. The built in media reader lets you transfer data from your SD card to your laptop directly and easily with a great speed. This notebook uses the wireless type 802.11n for great wireless connectivity. And if you ever lose your data by hard drive failure the Cloud support that is provided by HP lets you access you important documents anywhere and anytime.


HP has tried its best to make the high performance HP AMD A6-7310 laptop highly portable. With product dimensions 15 x 10 x 0.9 inches this laptop can be fitted into any bag easily. The light weight of 5.73 pounds makes it easy to travel with. Keeping your travelling conditions in mind this laptop is made of high quality and the hardware is protected from external damage and is shock resistant. The great build quality focus on you not to worry about your laptop. The most important feature in a laptop is its battery life. This high performance HP laptop comes with 2 lithium polymer batteries what are powerful enough to provide this laptop a battery backup of up to 5.5 hours on normal usage.


The high performance HP AMD A6-7310 comes with pre-loaded bloat ware that can be formatted easily by removing the pre-installed applications from the manufacturer. The heat issues in this laptop can be avoided by regularly restarting the machine when it starts to go hot.

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The high performance HP AMD A6-7310 is one of the best considerations under 400 dollars due to its high performance, excellent display quality, its capability to connect to modern devices and high portability with great battery backup.

Lenovo Ideapad 15.6″ HD Premium

The Lenovo Ideapad 15.6″ HD Premium Laptop 2017 edition comes under 400 dollars with some of the best features you can get under this price range. Being a budget laptop it is equipped with all the entry level hardware that can work wonders for normal home or official use. This laptop from Lenovo has the best build quality under this budget and provides excellent performance for the price.


  1. The Lenovo Ideapad 15.6″ laptop comes equipped with 8 GB of ram that makes it as fast as any modern day machine.
  2. The AMD a12-9720P processor comes with integrated AMD Radeon graphics that can be used to play some less demanding game titles.
  3. This Lenovo laptop comes with a USB type C that can be very useful I the near future.
  4. The 802.11 ac Wi-Fi provides 3x more internet speed than usual Wi-Fi


  1. This laptop has a normal battery backup of 3 hours.
  2. The charger is very portable but has a short cable length.

Bottom line

The Lenovo Ideapad 2017 edition is a perfect buy for those who want a quality product. With its perfect build quality and performance prioritised hardware configuration this laptop is a great purchase for under 400 dollars.


Design is the most appealing feature of the Lenovo Ideapad. From looking at a distance you cannot argue that it is a laptop of under $400 as the Ideapad looks like a high end premium laptop flaunting its classy design. Unlike other laptops in this price range that have thick frames with blunt edges, this laptop stands out with its ultrabook-like shell. The lid is made of aluminum and the whole body is of the same block colour giving this laptop a classy look. The body is made of high quality plastic rather than aluminum giving this laptop excellent build quality and premium design.


The Lenovo Ideapad 2017 edition has all the modern day connectors along with the connectors that have been removed from modern days laptops. Along with the modern era USB type C port that is a great investment for future connectivity this device is well equipped with Thunderbolt 3.0. Along with 2 fully equipped USB 3.0 ports this laptop provides you with a full size HDMI port that provides you an extra output option and an SD card slot so you can transfer your data from your SD card to your laptop without any problem.  The ideapad is equipped with 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies to speed up your internet up to 3 times and a Bluetooth 4.1 to help you connect to your devices and accessories.


The Lenovo ideapad 2017 edition comes with 2.70 GHz AMD a12-9720P that is a Quad-core processor with integrated AMD Radeon graphics. The A12 provide great speed to a point where windows 10 feels faster where you no longer have to wait for the basic OS elements to appear and the responsiveness of the OS is remarkably close to that of a core i3 laptop. The Radeon graphics in the A series APU provide significant results for less demanding games or previous years titles. The Lenovo Ideapad can happily run Minecraft. The 8 GB of RAM provides this laptop with enough memory to perform multitasking and run all your applications no less than any other laptop.


The A12- 9720P from AMD is a mainstream SoC for 7th generation APU notebooks. This ULV microchip of 15 Watts has for CPU cores that are clocks at 2.7 GHz and can go up to 3.6 GHz. This APU comes with an integrated Radeon R7 GPU and a dual channel DDR4 memory controller. This chip is faster than the previous A12- 9700P which has slower clocks. The A12- 9720P provides similar results as the sky lake Core i3 CPU but can significantly decrease under high workloads. This means it has sufficient power to multitask for web applications and typical office work. The integrated R7 graphics  are clocked at 758 MHz that can compete with the 920Mx can run 2015/2016 games smoothly.


This Lenovo Ideapad is a great purchase but it would be definitely the best if they don’t compromise with the battery life so much. A better battery type and optimization can definitely improve the battery life of this product.


The Lenovo Ideapad 15.6″ HD Premium Laptop 2017 edition is a great laptop under 400 dollars with all the features you need for daily use, office work and casual gaming. With premium design and build quality it is the most classy laptop under this price range.